Anastasia Beverly Hills are widely known for their Brow Wiz which in itself is an amazing eyebrow pencil, but earlier this year they released the Dipbrow pomade in a selection of five different colours, I picked mine up a couple of months back now in the colour Auburn but never really got into it I wasn't quite sure if the colour was right for me or how I should be applying it so I just tossed it aside and never really looked at it again. Then the other day you know when your scrolling through Instagram and you see all these amazing pictures of makeup artists with the most flawless eyebrows you have ever seen, thinking to myself how much I want their eyebrows instead of my own, and on pretty much every artists page they said they use the Dipbrow so I knew I had to try and make this stuff work.

The packaging is cute, very similar to the Maybelline Color Tattoo cream gel eyeshadow packing, super compact, the pot is sealed with screw cap which keeps your product from drying out and it has a clear glass bottom which is great for storage so you can see the colour of the product you are getting out, I store most of my make-up in my Muji acrylic drawers when they are not in my make-up bag and being able to see the colour product makes it easier to select which one I want on the day.

The Dipbrow Pomade is almost the consistency of a gel liner and kind of like a mousse at the same time, it's pretty thick stuff yet doesn't feel heavy on your brows and a little really does go a long way, you get 0.14 oz in each pot which if your like me I only work in millilitres so it's just shy of 4mls of product. As far as pigmentation goes it really is very pigmented, when using mine I work with a really light hand because if you go in to the product to much and apply it to your brows it's going to look way to harsh on your face.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn - Swatch taken in natural sunlight.
When applying the Dipbrow I use the Sigma E65 small angled brush to get a precise application, I like to do the outline of my brows first then I go and fill in the rest, when working with the Dipbrow I like to use a spoolie to buff out any areas that are uneven or where I may have applied to much product, while the pomade is still damp it's workable I can wipe away any mistakes I have made with my finger and like I said about using the spoolie it's super easy to blend everything out when using one. But when it's dry, it's dry, that pomade ain't moving no where until you go in with a make-up wipe or something of a similar description, it's smudge proof and waterproof which is awesome, I know I don't want to lose my brow shape during the day, especially during these hotter Summer days the UK has been getting recently, you need to feel assured that your make-up will stay in place no matter what, and if you have oily skin like me you can sometimes worry about make-up sliding around your face and looking like a clown at the end of the day but I can safely say that this is not going to make you look that way.

After using the Dipbrow Pomade

According to Anastasia Beverly Hills the Dipbrow is also versatile, not only can you use it to fill in your brows but you can also use it as an eyeliner if you so wish, effectively two products rolled into one! Personally I know when I wear eyeliner the only colour I like to use is black, so I don't think i'll be trying this out as an eyeliner anytime soon.

After using the Dipbrow Pomade
I still haven't mastered using the Dipbrow but knowing how to apply it I find myself leaning more and more towards using this over my Brow Wiz, with the right tools it's easy to apply and long wearing which is what I need when I am in work or on the go. I also find myself using a lot less product than when I use my Brow Wiz which is far better for my bank account.
I think I am going to look into getting another colour in the Dipbrow, although Auburn is wearable i'm not sure that it's the exact colour for me, I feel that the tinge of red that it has just isn't an exact match for me, Dark Brown is probably a more likely option. The perils of not having a nearby Anastasia Beverly Hills counter where you can swatch each colour and find which one matches you, when buying online you basically just gotta wing it and hope for the best!

Find the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade online at Cult Beauty retailing at £15.00

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