It's safe to say the hype over these lipsticks has been huge, the anticipation over the release of these has had me more excited than any other make-up launched this year.
I was able to pick up two shades to swatch and review on my blog today, I wish I could of picked up more but my bank balance wouldn't allow me to do so, however when payday comes around i'm almost certain i'll be grabbing more shades as i'm seriously impressed with the two I have now.



Firstly let's start with the packaging, that sleek matte black packaging Nars is known for with the glossy logo right round the casing. To top it off, the closure is magnetic which I just think is so classy and really completes the lipstick for me.
But it's not all about what's on the outside, for these lipsticks it's definitely about whats on the inside! In comparison the two shades I picked up are fairly similar but both individual in their own right.

Anita is definitely my favourite shade of the two, on my lips I almost think this shade brings out a hint of coral although it is described as a "antique rose" it is a warm shade with a satin finish that is super moisturising on the lips which is what you need for the up and coming colder weather in the UK. I think Anita is a nice everyday Autumn shade, I can definitely pull this off at work without it looking too bold.

Now Anna really surprised me when it arrived I was expecting this shade to be more of an everyday nude but it's actually a lot darker than I had realised (that's what you get for ordering online) nevertheless I really do like this shade especially for Autumn. Described as a "smokey rose" which I would agree with, maybe some mauve in there? Again with a satin finish. I also think that this shade would really compliment someone with a tanned complexion.

Nars really hit the nail on the head with the formula, so nourishing on the lips and both shades provide a nice opaque layer of colour, they are very pigmented and neither required lipliner as feathering was not an issue which is often found with heavily pigmented lipsticks but not these ones.
I managed to get five hours wear from both shades before reapplying which I didn't find too bad as I had ate and drank in this time. These lipsticks do transfer but I guess that's to be expected when it comes to a satin finish.

In conclusion i'm really impressed, they have everything I look for in a lipstick and like I said I will definitely be picking up more! Are there any shades you have or any that are on your wish list? Let me know!

Find online here at Space NK for £24.00 each

New Lush Purchases | KMC Beauty

by Kelly, October 01, 2014
It's been a minute, between work, holidays and a tad bit of laziness I haven't posted in a while.
I picked up a couple of new things from Lush this week and wanted to share what I got.

I am always on the lookout for a new scrub, the more abrasive the better! I like to feel all that dead skin getting scrubbed away, am I weird? I have tried the Ocean Salt face and body scrub by lush and I did enjoy that one but like I said i'm always on the lookout and I like to try new ones so I picked up the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub as I am not much of a bath person. Doesn't it look just like a slush puppy?
Not only can you use as a face and body scrub but you can use this in your hair too which is said to add shine, my hair is always looking limp and lifeless so I can't wait to try that out.
Find this online here for £8.75
This stuff smells delicious! If you are one for sweet scents then you will like this conditioner. With ingredients such as vanilla and strawberries I can't wait to put this in my hair. When I use conditioners I mainly apply to the ends of my hair as they are the driest so I hope using this will leave my ends soft and shiny as stated on their website.
Find online here - I picked up the 100g size retailing at £4.50

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