Bourjois are not a company that I have tried a lot of products from, the only other item I own by them is their Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder in the shade medium 51 which I am a fan of, but when I saw their liquid lipsticks in Boots I was curious to try one.
Normally lip products with a matte finish are not my friend, I know after trying 'Russian Red' by MAC and having it go from looking matte on first applying to looking seriously dried out, it really put me off. Not one to tar all brands with the same brush I thought I would try Bourjois's take on a 'matte finish' with their Velvet Lipstick in the shade 'Olé Flamingo!'
The packaging is cute, it's very compact and definitely purse friendly, I know when I go out or have special occasions i'm attending I often like to take a clutch bag, this lipstick would take up no room at all if you wanted to take it along with you.

I would describe this colour as a hot fuscia, it's very bold but still wearable at the same time, you could get away with wearing this shade on a day to day basis if pink's are up your alley.
One stroke of this lipstick was very opaque when swatching, however when applying on the lips it took me a few attempts to get an even finish.
Swatch of 'Olé Flamingo!' while still wet taken in natural daylight.
Application itself was easy, the dofus applicator allowed me to accurately apply the lipstick where I wanted it, however be warned, if you have a full face of make-up on already and you overdraw this lipstick or accidentally place it somewhere you don't want it then you may be in trouble as it will not simply wipe away with your finger, it will stain inevitably ending up with you removing your foundation in the process of removing the lipstick from where you have accidentally placed it.
Swatch of 'Olé Flamingo!' once dry - photo taken in natural daylight.
Actually wearing this lipstick on my lips it felt comfortable, as it does have a matte finish sometimes this can leave your lips feeling dried out, I can't say that they felt this way when wearing it.
Once the Velvet Lipstick has completely dried to a matte finish I found it did still transfer e.g. when drinking from a glass. If you were to be frequently eating/drinking when wearing this lipstick I would imagine touch ups will be required. However the actual longevity of this product was pretty amazing, after two hours of wear I found the lipstick looked no different to when first applied, even when I did have a drink and it did transfer, my lips weren't left patchy and I didn't need to re-apply, however like I said if you are going to be eating/drinking more regularly while wearing this product then touch ups are more than likely, but that goes with most lipsticks right?
Bourjois Velvet Lipstick after two hours of wear - Left photo sun behind me, right photo facing the sun
I was pleasantly surprised by this lipstick, I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, if you like the look of a matte finish on your lips then I would definitely give these a try, even if 'Olé Flamingo' isn't the colour for you there is another five shades in the collection to choose from that might take your fancy instead. I think I will find myself picking up a few more colours in this range and I would love if they brought out some darker shades for Autumn/Winter like a deep plum!

I think one of these liquid lipsticks will last me a long time, with infrequent reapplication required they are sure to be worth the money.
Find them online here at Boots for £8.99

I am a self confessed nail polish hoarder, out of everything beauty related nail polish is the one thing I can't get enough of! This month I ventured out of my comfort zone and picked up a couple of polishes from the Color Club Poptastic Collection, they brought out these neon shades this Summer and I have one of the two I purchased on my blog today for a review.
I have tried Color Club before and really enjoyed their polishes, I have 6 colours from their Holographic range and they are amazing.
Firstly the colours in this range are not your everyday shades, they are in your face super bright neon. Very bold and very loud they are sure to be a conversation starter, and the shade I have on the blog today is no exception. 'Not-So-Mellow-Yellow' is very true to it's name! There is nothing mellow about this shade, it is a yellow neon colour with a hint of lime shimmer running throughout.
Color Club Poptastic Collection 2014 - 'Not-So-Mellow-Yellow'
Application was a dream, I know theres one thing I hate and that is streaky polish! One coat of this was very opaque, I didn't need to go in with a second coat which is definitely a bonus as I am quite impatient when it comes to painting my nails, I like one coat plus a fast drying top coat so I can get on with whatever I need to do.
I am currently on my third day of wearing this polish and so far, no chips. Considering I am in and out of a till most of the day that's pretty impressive.
But I do always like to use a base coat and top coat, the base coat prevents the polish from staining my natural nail and the top coat adds shine and longevity to the polish. Currently I am using the Eye Candy London Gel Wrap System which I picked up from Bodycare at £6.99 but you can also find it here.

Even though Summer is nearly over i'm still clinging on to what's left of it with bright shades such as this one.
Every single polish I own from Color Club has impressed me, this polish included. I definitely look forward to trying out more of their products in the future and I am sure I will not be disappointed.
All of their products are also cruelty free and not tested on animals.

The only downside to Color Club is that as their products are made and based in the USA they aren't widely available here in the UK. I picked up my shades from the Poptastic Collection on eBay at a reasonable £7.99 each, see link here.

The Body Shop - New Purchases | KMC Beauty

by Kelly, August 13, 2014
It's been a little while since my last post, I haven't set aside time for myself in the last few weeks to sit down and write so today i'm back with some new purchases I picked up at The Body Shop.
I definitely think as of recent The Body Shop has become a lot more established and well known, there was a time where I wouldn't even venture into any of their stores as I thought none of their products appealed to me but now I find myself returning to repurchase some of their products and wanting to try out new things by them too. As an added bonus the day I went into The Body Shop they had 3 for 2 on all of their products.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
The first product I picked up was a repurchase which I have mentioned before in a previous post, see that here. When my skin is feeling rebellious this toner helps in taming it.
This is a 250ml bottle retailing at £5.00
Find the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner online here.
Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser
I am always on the hunt for a new cleanser, I like to keep changing them up in my skincare routine so that my skin doesn't get used to one product and not benefit from it. The lady in The Body Shop recommended the Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser for oily skin so I went out on a whim and bought it.
Seaweed Purifying Facial Cleanser 200mls retailing at £8.50 find it here.
All-In-One BB Cream
Finally I picked up something from their make up collection, i've never tried anything from The Body Shop's make up range before but this product caught my eye, their All-In-One BB Cream comes in three different shades but it is said to be a "colour-adapting tinted cream" i'm interested to see how this will work on my skin but I thought it would be good for days when I can't really be bothered to do my make up but I want an even looking skin tone, I picked up the shade 02.
It's a pretty small tube, with just 25mls of product retailing at £12.00
Find the All-In-One BB Cream online here.

Is their any of the above products that you have already tried? I would love to know your thoughts and also are their any other products from The Body Shop that I should be trying? Any comments down below are always appreciated!