I was so excited to receive my ColourPop order in the mail at the end of March, to be honest it's taken me over a week to actually get to play with any of my order because I just haven't had the time! I finally was able to swatch all six of the Lippie Stix I got and post them on my blog.

So when I was choosing the shades I wanted on the website it was all a bit of a guessing game and I just went by the colours on the ColourPop page and I can't believe I didn't get any nudes! I normally always get atleast one nude shade as a sort of "safe colour" but my order didn't consist of any this time round, five out of the six shades are definitely spring appropriate we will have to exclude Bichette as I feel it is definitely more of an Autumn/Winter shade.

Tipsy (Glossy)
Described as a light neon yellow peach Tipsy is definitely a peach shade but passes off as more orange toned on my lips.

Fancy (Satin)
A neutral mid tone coral, ColourPop definitely hit the nail on the head with that colour description, not quite bright enough to be a neon and definitely a whole lot of coral.

Lumière (Matte)
A dusty mauve pink. Meh I mean I don't know how much pink this pulls on my lips, I get more brown? The mauve definitely comes through I was expecting this shade to be a tad lighter but I love it nonetheless! This colour was also created by Kathleen Lights and if you aren't subscribed to her on Youtube you definitely should be she is one of the most down to earth Youtubers I have watched in a long time and her eyebrows are on POINT!

Rocket (Satin)
If your looking for that pop of colour then Rocket is the one, described as a soft bright pinky coral this shade will take you right through Spring and Summer.

Fetch (Satin)
A mid-tone warm true pink, this is your Barbie doll shade, you have to have at least one colour like this in your collection!

Bitchette (Matte)
Like I said this shade is definitely more of a Autumn/Winter shade, if i'm honest I just had to get it because of it's name. Described as a deep red wine colour, I thought this would be a lot browner when I saw it online but it's actually more of a true red when on the lips.

Although ColourPop do not yet ship to the UK it says on their website that this is something they are looking towards, if you want to know how I received my ColourPop order in the UK then read my previous post here.

Visit the ColourPop website - here

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