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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Honeycomb - Review & Swatches | KMC Beauty

Today i'm back with another review on the new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in the shade Honeycomb. I purchased this a little while back now on Sephora and have been looking forward to adding my thoughts to my blog as well as swatches.

Starting with the sleek matte packaging, I love Bite Beauty's packaging it's so simple yet sophisticated with the added detail of the curved top on the lid and the small gloss logo on the bottom. Just a regular click close lid, not magnetic like the Marc Jacobs or Nars lipsticks I own. Described as a 'Beige Nude' which is very accurate, also has a satin finish so don't expect that dry feeling you get from most matte lipsticks, this formula is intensely hydrating and it smells delicious, reminds me of sherbet but Bite say its citrus with fresh pressed fruit.
Pigmentation is amazing, one stroke gave me the swatch on my arm and as you can tell it has a beautiful shine from it's satin finish.
I can wear this lipstick with no liner and it doesn't seem to bleed on me which is great because I have a limited supply of liners and sometimes can't always find the right shade to match. Wear time you need to be realistic, when it comes to satin lipsticks, if you eat it's probably going to fade to an extent, it's not smudge proof or transfer proof, with that being said untouched I can get four hours wear time before reapplication is required. If I have remaining lipstick left on the outer portion of my lips and reapply where it has worn off it doesn't go patchy, all just blends together again like I am applying for the first time.

Needless to say I want more of these lipsticks already, they have a huge colour selection on the Sephora website and at $26 each they are cheaper than the Marc Jacobs lipsticks I own and definitely on the same level.

Find them here

Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo - Review | KMC Beauty

When it comes to washing my hair I absolutely detest it, purely because of how long it takes to dry my hair afterwards, so for a while now I have been looking for a new dry shampoo that I can use in-between washes to give my hair some life back and get rid of any oil I may have.
On a whim as I was perusing the aisles of Asda, as you do, I noticed the Toni & Guy range in the haircare section, if i'm honest I didn't even realise Asda sold Toni & Guy products. Immediately the dry shampoo caught my eye and the minute I saw the words 'absorbs oil to revive' I threw it in my basket.
I have been using this dry shampoo for two weeks now and I don't have enough good things to say about it, it smells divine, like you have been to the salon and had your hair done. When you spray the dry shampoo it applies evenly over the hair, doesn't spray directly at one area which can be annoying as you end up applying too much. No white cast! I know for the darker haired people out there this is a bugbare when it comes to dry shampoo, although I am blonde my roots are dark and I actually prefer to not have the white cast.
Like I mentioned I have been using this dry shampoo for two weeks maybe every three to four days depending on if I have had to wash my hair or not and I still have over 3/4 of the product left, a little goes a long way you don't need to cover all of your roots I just apply it on the more noticeable areas i.e. around my hairline at the front.
If you are in the market for a new dry shampoo I would 100% recommend this one to try! They also have a Matt Texture Dry Shampoo however I was worried this may make my hair feel a bit dry and ridged so I didn't pick that one up.

Find online here


Tarte Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint in 'Namaste' & Lip Crayon in 'Soho' - Swatches & Review | KMC Beauty

Tarteist Lip Liner 'Soho' & Lip Paint 'Namaste'

Super excited to write about my first two Tarte purchases on the blog, I have never tried any Tarte products before as they always seemed difficult to get hold of in the UK, I know QVC stock some bits but not any of the newer releases. I did also purchase the Rainforest of the Sea Skin Twinkle Lighting Palette when on Sephora but I am going to review that separately as I wanted to keep the two lip based items together.

Ever since L'Oreal discontinued my favourite Infallible Lip Liner I have been trying to find a similar everyday shade and I ended up choosing 'Boho' when looking through the Tarte colour options however I had no idea what it would look like when it arrived and also didn't know that it would be the perfect liner match for the Lip Paint I picked up in 'Namaste' they are literally identical and a match made in heaven. The liner itself glides on with maximum colour payoff, it is very soft and creamy and doesn't tug at my lips like I have experienced with other liners, it's creamy enough that you could wear the liner alone if you liked and your lips would not feel dry.

As with the liner when I added the Creamy Matte Lip Paint in the shade 'Namaste' to my basket I had no idea what the colour would be like when it arrived, I just took the plunge, however I am so happy with the shade, i've mentioned before but whenever I try a new brand or formula I always stick to nude shades to be safe and if I like them enough I will maybe expand my collection with the more bolder colours. The formula itself makes me want to describe it as a paste like texture, it's not completely smooth but it's not thick either it has a thin consistency that glides on the lips with minimum product required to get your desired opacity, a little goes a long way. The long and thin dofus applicator makes it easy to apply. Although the finish of this Lip Paint is matte, there is no shine what so ever, it is not matte to touch for at least the first 30 minutes, after this time I found that transfer was minimal and it was completely dry. My lips didn't feel dry or crack while wearing this product. Also there is a slight minty scent but it doesn't give my lips that cooling sensation.

I would definitely recommend both the Tarteist Liner range and the Lip Paints, I want more already.
Find them online at Sephora.


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - Review | KMC Beauty

As my everyday foundation I have been meaning to review the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation for some time now, I have owned mine for almost two months and think I have a good idea now on what I like and don't like about this foundation.
Starting with the obvious, it has a pump! So happy about this, pumps on foundation bottles make life so much easier and for that I am thankful. The lid is a pull off but has a very snug fit and won't come loose in your make-up bag.
At first I was applying this foundation with a brush, but I found that the brush strokes were visible on my skin and this was very time consuming buffing them away so I started applying with a damp Beauty Blender instead which made for much more even coverage. On to the coverage itself, I personally don't build up this foundation I only apply one even layer which gives me a medium coverage, definitely not full coverage, if I have a particularly angry blemish the redness will show through so I dot concealer on the affected areas when necessary.
A top tip the lady on the Armani counter gave me was to exfoliate my skin on a regular basis before applying and she was so right. I have oily skin in my t-zone and tend to get dry patches around my mouth and nose, if I don't exfoliate and then apply this foundation you can tell I have dry patches and it actually accentuates them more.
If you use any powdered products i.e. Blush/Bronzer then I found that I absolutely have to set my foundation and concealer with powder first, I use the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder, if I don't set with powder then go on to apply my bronzer or blush my foundation will move and this leaves my skin looking noticeably patchy to the point where I will remove all of the product from my entire face and start over. If you are on a time schedule like me this is a huge inconvenience.

The colour I have my foundation in is number 3, I went to get matched at the Armani counter before buying, it's not the cheapest product and I think if you have the opportunity to be colour matched then I would advise on doing that to make sure you have the right shade. The number 3 is perfect for my pale skin that hasn't seen a sunny holiday since 2014, I know i'm long overdue but this is what happens when you buy a house!
If you are oily like me don't let the name 'Luminous' put you off, as I write this blog post I have been wearing this foundation for 11 hours, I have not and never do use powder throughout the day, I don't even take any additional make-up to work with me. My skin is by no means matte at the end of this time however it's not a greasy mess either, I think my skin looks more healthy but if I stroke my finger across the shinier parts of my skin the foundation will move, you could always touch up with powder throughout the day if you felt the need to. There are some signs of where my foundation has worn away which isn't massively noticeable, around the bottom of my nose seems to be the main place it wears away and I also wear glasses which not only leaves marks on my nose when I take them off but they also remove my foundation when I wear them for a long time.

I am on the fence as to whether I want to re-purchase this foundation again, I like it but I don't love it for my skin type. I am definitely open to trying another foundation in the hope of finding my perfect product, I just don't know which one to try next! If you have any suggestions for my skin type let me know.

Find the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation here


Dose Of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick - Truffle - Review | KMC Beauty

Finally I managed to get my hands on a Dose Of Colors liquid lipstick, I have been wanting to try some of their matte range for ages but they are forever sold out. It was only by chance one day I was on the Beauty Bay website and noticed that they stocked Dose Of Colors and quickly snapped up this matte liquid lipstick in the shade 'Truffle', they also had 'Chocolate Wasted' in stock at the time which is also from their new colour range but I opted out of purchasing that shade as I felt it was too dark for my pale complexion and not really a shade I associate with Spring/Summer.

So lets get to it, starting with application, like most liquid lipsticks it has a dofus applicator which allows for a fairly accurate application, in comparison to my Colourpop and The Balm liquid lipsticks the formula feels slightly wetter at first which is great because if I slip up I have chance to clean it up before it drys, one stroke gives an incredibly opaque layer of colour too.
Once this lipstick drys to a matte finish it isn't completely bone dry it is slightly tacky but not tacky as in your going to get your hair stuck in it or anything like that, even when I tested to see if this product transferred onto the back of my hand it didn't, it wears very comfortably.
This liquid lipstick lasts a long time on the lips, I managed 6 hours with it still looking decent. Bare in mind if your going to eat while wearing this product it may fade off slighly, this happened to me on one occasion but it wore off from the centre and it just looked gradually faded, I imagine with the more bolder colours in the range this may look more noticeable when they wear away. This does not bother me in the slightest, I feel as though it's to be expected when your eating.

Price wise these are £14.50 each on the Beauty Bay website, comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick price point however I have never tried their range so could not compare the products.
I guess these are on the higher end of the price spectrum when you compare them to the likes of the Nyx Lingerie range (£6.50) which I have not tried yet or the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip ($6.00) which I don't think comes close the formula of this Dose Of Colors lipstick.

Overall I am so pleased with this lipstick, it's my current favourite formula of all the ones I own and honestly if they weren't so difficult to get hold of I would have many more by now, I have my eyes on 'Desert Suede', 'Cork', 'Sand' and 'Stone' for the future.

Find the Dose Of Colors range here and here.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box March - #LFEXPLORER Edition | KMC Beauty

Back again with another Lookfantastic Beauty Box, i'm sorry that I haven't put out another post in almost a month, I don't intend on making this a habit I have just been transitioning into a new job and that has consumed a lot of my free time as of recent.

This will be the final Lookfantastic Beauty Box edition as I only set up a 3 month subscription and unless I decide to renew later on in the year this will be the last post on these boxes for a while, i'm not ruling out subscribing again I love the Lookfantastic boxes I am just going to have a little break, it's good that they offer you a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription really because then you don't have to commit to paying for the box every month if you don't want too.
Let me know if you like these posts and want them to continue, I may renew my subscription.

Codage Masque Hydratant Moisturising Mask
Sooooo in my little book that tells me everything that's in my beauty box, it says I should have the Codage Masque as shown above and also a Cordage Serum, but I don't seem to have the serum which is a shame. Nevertheless this mask is said to be deeply hydrating which is great for my crocodile skin, although I am oily for the most part I do have some dry patches and I love using masks regularly so I am looking forward to trying this out.
The price point on the Codage range is fairly steep, some products priced at over £100 for 30mls of product. This brand is obviously classed as 'High-end' skincare, this shows in their prices so I can't wait to see if this mask makes a difference to my skin. The full-size of this mask retails at £42 for a 50ml jar.
Find the Codage Masque Hydratant here.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
I have been wanting to try First Aid Beauty for so long now, I am really hoping that this lives up to my expectations. Claims to banish dry skin with no oily residue and is says it is easily absorbed. If I love this it may actually prompt me to buy the full size and maybe more from the First Aid Beauty range as their products are pretty affordable, the full-size of the Ultra Repair Cream retails at £9.
Find it here.

Caudalíe Micellar Cleansing Water
I'm not 100% familiar with this brand but on the Lookfantastic website their range is pretty affordable for the most part. I have mentioned on my blog before that I can always make use of micellar water, whether it's to clean off make-up I have missed in my deep cleanse or even to wipe away swatches from my arms (life of a blogger) I always get through them. But at the same time I never use a micellar water and think wow what a difference, to me it's just more convenient than going to the bathroom and using soapy water if I can put some micellar water on a cotton pad.
This product is soap free and hypoallergenic so if you had sensitive skin you could use this.
Find the full size here.

Lottie London - All Eyes On You Shadow Brush
I will say i'm pretty impressed that they have included a full size make-up brush in this months box, I have seen the Lottie London brushes around on social media but I don't own any and haven't previously read any reviews on them either so I will definitely try this out sometime soon. If I was being super picky I find the neon colour a little garish I prefer all my brushes to be neutral so when they sit in my brush holder they all look nice and tidy.
Find this brush here.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm
Another full-sized product by the well known drugstore brand Revlon. I will say that although the shade I received in my box this month is nice, it's a bit too sheer and shimmery for my liking but it's nice to throw in your bag to have when your on the go and just want a touch up however I tend to stay clear from glitter/shimmery lip products, same goes with blushes.
Find here.

Nuxe Crème Prodigieuse
Another brand I am not familiar with and to be honest if I saw the name of this product in a shop or online it wouldn't draw my attention as I have absolutely no idea what it means.
In a nutshell, it's a moisturiser, said to be lightweight and reduce redness and inflammation. Nuxe say it is suitable for all skin types and is quickly absorbed into the skin, I look forward to trying it out.
Find here.

Subscribe to the Lookfantastic Beauty Box here.


Look Fantastic Beauty Box February - #LFLOVES Edition | KMC Beauty

Another month, another Look Fantastic Beauty Box! This month is their #LFLOVES edition containing all of their favourite products for February. Just like last month they have sent another pretty box that I can't possibly throw away, I will need to find a use for it and they also threw in an Elle magazine too.

KMS California Colorvitality Colour Conditioner
I'm a little disappointed that this months box contains another conditioner like last month however these minis are always handy for travel. Said to keep your hair tangle free and in top condition, my knotty hair definitely needs a tangle taming.

Bliss Pink Grapefruit and Aloe Body Butter
I like the idea of a body butter but I am far too lazy to actually use any, maybe I will try this out as like a hand cream or something as I tend to get particularly dry hands. Contains coconut oil to soften the skin and vitamin E to nourish

HI Impact Brows
Probably the most exciting part of this months Look Fantastic box is this brow kit! It also says that you can use this palette for contouring too so i'm interested to see how that works out. For my brows specifically I am always switching up my brow products to give me the most natural looking brow I can achieve, some days I go a little heavy though, unintentionally.

Lord & Berry Matte Lipstick Pencil - 20100
I can always make use of another lipstick in my ever expanding collection, this peachy toned pencil will definitely get some use and it's super handy to just throw in my bag if I need to re-apply on the go. Sometimes these pencil formulas can be a bit drying though so I will have to see how this sits on the lips.

Denman Mini Keyring Brush
A brush is a brush at the end of the day and if you have super thick hair like me a mini brush doesn't tend to get right to the root of my hair. Nevertheless I will throw this on my keys and i'm sure in desperate times I will be glad I have it to hand.

Monuspa Relaxing Bali Massage & Body Oil
Never heard of the brand Monu before, however this is a generous sample size. I just need to find an excuse to get someone to give me a massage now! The full size of this oil retails on Look Fantastic at £26.00