It's been a minute, main reason being that I sold my Canon camera and was waiting for my Sony to come in but it was on back order so now I have a camera I can post reviews again yey!

Caved in and got some of the Jouer Lip Creme's and the Lip Topper in Skinny Dip because everyone is raving over them. This isn't an in depth review mainly swatches with some of my first impressions added in.

Top to Bottom - Snapdragon, Buff & Skinnydip Lip Topper
Top: Buff Lip Creme with Skinny Dip Lip Topper on top Bottom: Snapdragon
I was literally scanning through Cult Beauty the other day and I don't even know how it happened I just ended up adding some Jouer products to my basket, didn't read any reviews, look at any swatches and i've never tried Jouer before, I just saw their stuff on Instagram lately so I added two random Lip Creme colours from their Fall Collection to my basket and the Skinny Dip Lip Topper which was not an accident, I have seen this everywhere and it was always sold out so when I saw Cult had some stock I nabbed one.
When choosing my Lip Creme colours my thought process was, one nude to stay safe so I chose Buff and one Christmassy colour, Snapdragon!

Buff is a beautiful beige nude, and I know people say this all the time but it really isn't like any other nude lip product I have in my collection, this is the palest nude I own and i'm so glad because I have pigmented lips naturally so a lot of beigey/nude shades can end up pulling brown on me which I find so annoying, Buff stays true to it's colour once on the lips. The Lip Cremes are matte but they do take a while to fully dry, once applied they stay tacky for quite some time. This particular shade does require a few coats for an opaque finish, but you can easily layer it without it clogging together. I think Buff and Skinnydip together will be my new favourite combo for a while.

Snapdragon is definitely like nothing else I own in my collection, I can't say I have any metallic plum shades so this is surely different for me, I thought the metallic vibe would be good for Christmas and the purple would be fitting for the Winter months, I will say if I was at my palest this probably wouldn't suit me, I have a tiny bit of a tan at the moment but if I didn't I think it would wash me out, I will definitely bronze up a fair bit if I wear this for Christmas parties!

Skinny Dip is a very thick gloopy formula, I guess to be expected of a gloss like product but it can pull the existing colour on the lips around a bit if it has not fully dried, be wary of this. I haven't tried it alone but on top of Buff it is beautiful, they compliment each other so well and I can't wait to wear this over Christmas time.
All three shades have a vanilla scent similar to the Kylie Liquid Lipsticks if you have tried those.

Do you own any Jouer products? Let me know what I should try!
I think I may have to purchase Bronze Rose next.
Find them here!

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