Why did you name your blog KMC Beauty?
Maybe not the most adventurous name but I didn't want to choose a name I was going to grow tired of so I chose something simple. The K is for my first name Kelly and the MC is the first two letters of my surname and the beauty bit, well that's self explanatory right?

How old are you?

What camera do you use for your photo's?
Any posts before November 2016 were on my Canon EOS 1200d, I got it on sale at Littlewoods and it was the best investment I made but I have since sold that and I now use the Sony A5000. 
Updated 2023 - Sold the Sony. Long story short, massively regretted selling my Canon and would never have a Sony again!

Which program do you use to edit your photo's?
The only time I ever edit photo's is when I add text to them or I add multiple photos to create one overall picture (e.g. lip swatches) and for this I use Pixelmator which I use on my MacBook Air.

Who designed your blog layout?
I actually purchased my layout from Etsy! There is tones of different designs to choose from if you just search 'Blog Templates' on their website.