KMC Beauty was created in October 2013 during a year of being a bit lost and unsure about the path I should be taking, skip forward a couple of years and my blog has definitely become a bigger part of my life than I anticipated, although I do not have a large following I strive to put out good consistent content every week (providing life doesn't get in the way which sometimes it does) I am employed full-time and blogging for me is currently just a hobby, maybe one day it would be more but for now it suits me just fine, as I have a job I strive for one new post every week, if it's a bank holiday and i'm feeling adventurous I might even put out two!
Like I said I don't have a large following but to be honest I just let the people who happen to read my blog decide if they like my content great, if they don't that's fine too. I'm definitely not one of those people who will spam your Twitter and Instagram feed in order to get followers, I just let everything happen naturally and any followers I do get I appreciate to the highest level!

If you are already a follower of mine I hope you stick around and if your new to my blog I hope you enjoy what you read and maybe join my teeny tiny community.

To find out more about me visit my FAQ page.

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