Kylie Cosmetics Metals L-R Heir, King K & Reign

So it happened, I was suckered into buying from the Kylie Cosmetics site, I always told myself that I didn't need any of her liquid lipsticks and I never had the desire to buy any until the metals came out, I thought they were so unique and different from anything else in my collection that I had to try them.
I follow Kylie on snapchat and whenever she told people her site was re-stocked I always seemed to miss out but I eventually managed to see her snapchat in time before everyone flocked to the site to buy dozens of her lipsticks to sell for triple the price. I got all three metal shades in the range, Heir, Reign and King K.

First impressions the packaging is as expected, I knew what it looked like before receiving it from seeing the pictures online, for me I think the packaging looks a bit cheap, kind of similar to Colourpop except their liquid lipsticks are $6.00 each not $18.00 like the Kylie ones, so I think she could of had nicer packaging for the price point.
Dofus applicator as expected with liquid lipsticks however there doesn't seem to be much continuity between shades, if you look at my close up of the applicators each one looks different, Heir has a nice even dofus which hasn't separated however Reign and King K seem to have more battered looking dofus applicators which I would expect if I had used them time and time again but these are fresh out the tube.

Now lets talk about the product itself, I don't know where to start, the smell is so sweet, sickly sweet, fortunately once the product is actually on the lips I don't seem to smell it during wear but when applying it's very strong which I don't particularly like.
Many of you may of seen the video on Youtube by a girl named Kendall Alfred, she has had over 2m views and talks about Kymajesty which is the black metal liquid lipstick Kylie brought out and is no longer available, i'm not sure if it was limited edition or not, anyways she basically has nothing good to say about that particular shade but what caught my attention was when she mentioned her tube of product wasn't full which prompted me to check all three of the shades I picked up, low and behold my three tubes are exactly the same! I don't care if I have paid drug store price or high end price, I expect to get a full tube of product and I have seen other people with the same issues. I have also heard people say that the customer service team is not great too, I don't even want to email them to complain because even if they did send me replacements I don't fancy getting hit with the £15.39 customs charge again!

Now all the grumbling is out of the way let's try and look at the positives! Application is a doddle, these metals glide on the lips, I apply a couple of coates to get my desired opacity, they are buildable and don't go patchy either. Reign seems to be the most metallic out of the three though, Heir and King K have a more subtle metallic effect to them although they are both still pigmented.
All shades are super comfortable on the lips with a creamy texture. I'm not sure why these are marketed as matte products though, they aren't matte not even close, they transfer and as the name would suggest these metals give a shiny finish on the lips.
Heir - Described as a 'Pinkish Gold Metallic' this shade is definitely the most wearable against my skin tone, it is the lightest shade of the three and my favourite, almost looks a bit coral on me.
King K - Described as a 'Soft Metallic Gold' the most intense shade out of the bunch i'm just not sure how wearable this is though, night out shade definitely but I personally couldn't pull this off in the day time.
Reign - Described as a 'Bronzy Copper Metallic' which is the perfect description but against my pale skin it makes me look a bit washed out but if I had a tan I think this would look nice.

Kylie Cosmetics Metals - Heir, King K & Reign
So I think all in all you can probably tell from my review that the negatives outweigh the positives, I more than likely will not purchase from Kylie Cosmetics again, the customs charge was bad enough but when the products themselves just aren't up to standard it's not worth it, although I like the formula and the shades it's not enough for me to recommend the metals range.

Have you tried any products from Kylie Cosmetics? Let me know your thoughts if you have I would love to her them.
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