GLAMGLOW Youthmud Mud Mask | Review

by Kelly, January 21, 2014
I've had my eye on this product for a while, but I kept telling myself it was too expensive, but every time I refrained myself from buying it I would hear/see another review raving about it, so finally I caved and I think I am glad I did.
I must admit 15g is very little product for the price, that is it's real downfall (retail price £24.98 see link hereand normally I wouldn't of dreamt of buying it but after biting the bullet and trying it out for myself I can safely say I agree with everyone else out there raving about this award winning mask, it's incredible and that is only after one application! Now it does suggest you use this mask twice a week or as desired but honestly my bank balance could not afford me to use this mud mask twice a week, it would run out in no time. I think I would personally use this mask on myself maybe once a month as a sort of revitaliser for my skin to give it a bit of a boost because I can honestly say I noticed the difference after using this mask just the once, my skin was most definitely smoother my Mum actually could not stop stroking my skin I had to remind her that I wasn't the cat. And call me crazy but I swear my bags look less noticeable! One thing I can't tell is if my skin looks brighter, I don't see an overwhelming difference in that respect but this could change after I try it out a few more times.

GLAMGLOW Youthmud Mud Mask

If you don't like tingling sensations on your skin then you probably won't enjoy this mask, I would definitely say my skin was stinging for at least 5 minutes however it wasn't uncomfortable for me it was bearable not painful for me in the slightest. When the mask dried my face was pretty much frozen, and when it came to washing it off it was easy breezy to remove. This mud mask contains french sea clay, volcanic ash and potent botanical extracts and oils, I found the smell rather pleasant and refreshing upon application.
I look forward to using this mask again and again and who knows if another face mask doesn't knock it off its pedestal then I might just purchase it again! 
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