Maybelline Brow Drama | Review

by Kelly, January 26, 2014
My intention when I purchased the Maybelline Brow Drama was to use it instead of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel (retail price £16.50) I got mine in the colour dark brown which does not colour my eyebrows the way an actual mascara would colour your lashes, I got it to match my eyebrows not to tint them. I will say that I do not use the Brow Drama alone, I fill my brows in with the Brow Wiz (see here) and set them with the Brow Drama which does seem to do a good job of holding any stray hairs I might have in place throughout the day, this non clumping formula works well at evenly spreading the product and when the gel drys it doesn't feel like my eyebrows are frozen.

The wand is interesting, it's not your typical mascara wand the end is round so you can manoeuvre it around your brows catching every little hair and what if you have accidentally got the Brow Drama on anywhere but your brows? No problem it just wipes straight off with your finger, no make up wipes needed!

In conclusion I think this product is great it is the first of it's kind to appear in the drug store, it's long wearing and it's versatile, whether people with lighter brows just want to darken them up or if they just want to hold them in place it can do both of these things! I will say that if you are someone with patchy eyebrows this may not work for you, it could make your brows look even more patchy making them darker and it wouldn't fill gaps the way a brow pencil would.

What you are all wanting to know, the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculping Brow Mascara is a 7.6ml tube that retails at £4.99 you can find it here at Boots.

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