Ok so as of recent I have been seriously lacking in inspiration, hens why I haven't blogged in over a month! But when this palette arrived in the mail I knew I had to write about it.
I first heard about this palette on Fleur's youtube channel and I was so annoyed because it looked amazing and it wasn't available in the UK, and still isn't available in the UK. So last week I was on the Sephora website and I was looking at all these nice things I thought I couldn't purchase because I was in the UK and Sephora was in the US, UNTIL I discovered they shipped internationally!! Why did I never know this? So straight in my basket goes the Lolita palette by Marc Jacobs hoorah!

Firstly can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful packaging? It's so sleek and the whole curved thing Marc Jacobs has going on with his whole beauty range looks awesome totally different to any other range out there. The only thing about the packaging that makes me sad is that you can see my grubby little finger prints all over it! But the nice long mirror inside compensates for this so i'll let that one slide.
This palette contains seven shades both neutral and rose gold there are other palettes in the range with more bolder shades but realistically I would not get my moneys worth from them, on a day to day basis I like having a neutral eye especially for work, therefor this palette is perfect for me and don't think because this palette is neutral it's boring! That glittery pink in the centre of the palette just adds that oomph that you need to make your look versatile you can go from day to night just by incorporating that glitter into your look. To the point these shadows are everything you should expect from a palette you pay $59.00 dollars for, they are pigmented, creamy, blendable and like butter on the skin. I will say that the centre shade does have fall out so when applying this I spray fix plus by MAC on my brush first and then pack it on the lid, it reduces fall out and looks super pigmented on the lid.

From left to right you have a matte cream shade perfect for highlighting, a matte nude almost like a camel colour this would make a nice transition shade, a matte dark brown, that beautiful metallic warm pink with iridescent glitter, a champagne pink sheen, a golden nude shimmer and my favourite shadow in the palette a bronze sheen.

Find this palette online at Sephora.

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