I had heard about the Nars Ita Brush last year on YouTube and numerous makeup gurus were raving about it for contouring however it's always the same old problem, everyone talks about something then you can never get your hands on it! So last month I was on the Nars website just having a gander and I noticed that it was back in stock, immediately adding it to my cart without even giving it a second thought. When proceeding to the checkout I saw how much the brush was, oh £43 that's a little off putting but it's massively hyped up so it must be worth it! Once again the brush is out of stock and one month on from purchasing I find myself in a place where I can review it as I have been using it everyday from when I received it.

Nars Ita
Is it worth the money?
In a nutshell, no. I have a few issues with this brush that I didn't expect to have when I pay as much as £43! About one week after purchasing a few bristles had fallen out, nothing major but non the less I had lost a few, I also found that it loses it's shape rather easily, from when the brush was sat in my makeup bag and when I brought it out to use it again the shape had gone all funny from the way it was sat in the bag, I had to wash it and reshape it, that's no biggie but what I had started to notice after two weeks of using the brush is that the bristles had spread themselves out and the shape of the brush was fatter giving me a less precise contour. The design is nice, the typical matte black style Nars is known for, isn't the best to keep clean but when I do wash the brush it comes up looking brand new again. I use the Blender Cleanser to clean all of my brushes.

Nars Ita
Does it do the job?
I use this brush with the Nars Laguna Bronzer and it really does define my cheekbones and gives me a quite natural contour, alternatively I can build up the bronzer for something a bit bolder. It is also super soft, made from goat hair the brush is gentle on the skin. Apparently you can use the brush to highlight as well however I have never found myself using the brush for this purpose.

Nars Laguna Bronzer & Nars Ita Brush
If I was given the opportunity to try out this brush before purchasing I probably would not have bought it, simply because it's most definitely not worth the retail price they are selling it at for the quality of brush your receiving. However it does give me a nice contour but I don't find myself amazed by this brush. If you are given the opportunity to see/feel or have one of these brushes used on you at the Nars counter I would do that before buying, unfortunately my nearest Nars counter is two hours away so buying online was just far more convenient. In conclusion it does the job but it's certainly not worth the money, if anyone knows any similar, CHEAPER brushes on the market i'd love to know about them to be able to do a comparison.

Unfortunately as far as I am aware this brush is still out of stock on the Nars UK website and people are wanting ludicrous prices for it on Amazon! So if you are wanting it I would wait it out till it's back on their official website.

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