This task is pretty much my most dreaded job of the month but it has to be done, bacteria loves to sit inside your make-up brushes and that is why it is good to clean them on a regular basis, spreading bacteria on the face can lead to clogged pores which then leads to spots or people with more acne prone skin can have bad break outs. You can clean them more regularly than every month if you wish, I tend to find myself doing it around about every four weeks, however I would say I do my foundation brush alone probably every two to three weeks as this clogs up the most.

Before their deep clean.
What do I use?
I use the Blendercleanser by Beautyblender, it's so user friendly and super easily for travelling with too, which means less unnecessary liquids in your bag.

So it's super easy all I like to do is soak my brush in warm water and then swirl round the Blendercleanser which I remove from its casing, then my brush lathers up, I then massage the brush with my fingertips carefully squeezing all the make-up product out of the brush into the water, I then wash the brush in the warm water, squeeze the product out again and then repeat these steps till I am satisfied that I have got all of the unwanted make-up out of my brush.
After you have washed each brush don't forget to shape them back to their original shape while they are still damp so they can dry and stay that way, losing their shape will effectively lose their purpose and that's no good.

Clean brushes.
As you may have noticed I did not wash all of my brushes as not all of them needed doing, these were the ones that needed cleaning this time round.

Hope this little post helped, super straight forward but I thought something so simple was worth sharing.

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