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by Kelly, June 29, 2014
Throughout the month of June I haven't really tried any new make-up, so instead of doing a make-up favourites I thought I would do a skincare one this month instead, as I have some new and some old skincare products that I am loving.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
When my skin is being troublesome this toner is my saviour. If you have sensitive skin this toner may not be for you, it's pretty intense when I first apply it to my skin, i'm not gonna lie, it stings, but only briefly, it's a good kind of stinging when I know my spots will be gone the next morning. I use it by giving it a good shake and then pouring some of the toner onto a cotton pad, I then wipe the cotton pad around my face avoiding my eyes, it always seems to pick up some left over make-up as well even when I think I have taken every last bit of my make-up off, when I use this toner I still manage to find some on the cotton pad when i'm done.
The bottle say's "Leaves the skin looking mattified" which is great for my oily prone skin. If you have spot prone skin this might be good for you as an everyday toner, I only use this when I have a break out which isn't too often but it clears my skin up nicely, i've had this bottle since before Christmas and it's lasted me a long time too.
Find online at The Body Shop for £5.00!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
Alongside my Tea Tree Toner I like to use the Skin Clearing Lotion as a spot treatment on my skin. Together the Toner and the Lotion seem to work really well together at obliterating any of my spots. You can apply this to your entire face if you have spot prone skin, but like I said I only get the odd spot every now and then so I just like to dab some of this on the spot(s) and leave it on over night, that's just my preference on how I like to use this lotion and I find it works effectively.
I love this range from The Body Shop I really want to try out more of their products, possibly the face wash next!
As well as being effective it's also super affordable, find this lotion online at The Body Shop for £3.00 for the 15ml and £8.00 for the 50ml.

Spa Facial Cleansing Wipes
Hands down the best make-up wipes i've ever used, I literally only use wipes to get the majority of my make-up off before I go in with a cleanser and any other skincare products. I can't see that you can buy these online anywhere but I get mine from Home Bargains in store and the best part is they are two for £1.00! They do make a Deep Cleansing version of these wipes which I don't mind but I definitely prefer the original Facial Cleansing ones.
These wipes say they are for normal/dry skin which is not my skin type but that's fine, they don't do anything that affects my skin, only remove my make-up. They don't sting when I use them, they are soft and most importantly they are wet when you get one out of the packet. These wipes are also good at removing mascara, however I am not sure about waterproof mascara as I don't use it.

Elemis freshskin skin clear Purifying Face Wash
I got this Elemis product in a set along with another of their products and i'm really enjoying it so far!  I think I will most likely be picking up the bigger size, not only does it effectively remove my make-up but it leaves my skin baby soft after I use it. I also think it's made a slight improvement to my skin as I don't seem to be producing as much oil as of recent, I don't know if it's down to this product or something else in my skincare routine but I have only been using this the past four weeks and have definitely noticed a slight change in my skin since then.
Find the set online at Debenhams which includes a deep clean purifying face mask which I did not get in my set! And it's also £11.00 online and I paid £15.00, I think my beautician ripped me off.
Or find this Face Wash on it's own at Feel Unique.

Elemis fresh skin skin clear Mattifying Moisturiser
On days when I am not in work and have longer to get ready I like to use this moisturiser as a primer before I go in with my make-up, it gives me a nice matte canvas to work with. I say I use this on days when I have longer to get ready because the mattifying effect is not instant, I like to leave the moisturiser to sit alone on my skin for at least twenty minutes before I go in with my foundation. It claims to keep skin shine free for up to eight hours, which is a fair claim to make, mine lasts five at the most, which is pretty good for my skin really. 
Find online at timetospa.

Hope you enjoyed reading my monthly skincare favourites, sorry it wasn't any make-up favourites I just didn't think I had tried enough new make-up products this month to put one together.

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