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by Kelly, June 12, 2014
I have known about Lush products for a while but it wasn't until late last year when I first purchased one of their products the 'Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter' which I soon used up, after taking a brief pause for a few months I went back on to their website earlier last month and bought a few more things to try out. I gave myself a good month to try out all of these items and let you all know what I think of them.

Mask Of Magnaminty
Ok so maybe I wasn't paying much attention when I purchased this mask because I really don't like peppermint. If you do like peppermint you will like this product because it honks of the stuff! However I still persevered, this is a thick green paste almost and used it on my face for the full 10 minutes as directed, I quite enjoy the cooling sensation minty products give my skin like this did and when I washed it off my skin felt baby soft afterwards, so I will try and use the whole tub up! No use in wasting a good product if it works, even if it doesn't smell too great in my opinion. This mask is said to fight breakouts, I had no spots to begin with but I do occasionally get the odd break out every now and then but I am still a spot free zone as it stands, I do try to use this mask maybe once a week to really rejuvenate my skin.
Find online here.

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
This is a repurchase, I love everything about this product from it's clever name, to the smell, to it's incredible ability to put moisture back into my dried out cuticles, it smells like straight up lemons, so fresh and fruity I sit there smelling the tub for ages before i've even put the stuff on! I tend to use this after I have removed my nail polish, nail polish remover dries out my cuticles and this helps return them to their natural state.
Find online here.

Breath Of Fresh Air Toner Water
I have quite a lot of toners and this isn't anything spectacular as toners go.. I use it after I have showered and cleansed my face, it's just a bit of a skin revitaliser really, it's not going to do anything drastic to your skin, one ingredient it contains is rose absolute which Lush state can help to reduce redness so if you suffer with redness on the skin regularly maybe this stuff is worth a try? I don't have any redness on my skin so this doesn't benefit me. I do have one problem with this product though and it's the way it sprays on to my skin, I prefer a gentle mist when i'm spraying products on my face and this is very direct when I spray it, almost like being squirted with a water gun and I don't like that, so I spray into my palms and rub into my skin as a revitaliser.
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Bubblegum Lip Scrub
This little pot goes a long way, I love scrubbing my lips with this stuff and then licking it off! It's mainly made with caster sugar and flavouring so it's totally safe to do so. If you are after soft and supple lips then look no further. It also smells delicious but if bubblegum isn't your kind of thing then they do have a couple of other flavoured scrubs.
Find online here.

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub
Clearly my most used product in the past month, i'm nearly out of it. I keep this in my shower and use it to exfoliate my legs before I fake tan on occasion, it's really effective at removing any dead skin. The picture almost makes it look like porridge and it's probably looking that way because water has gotten into the tub from time to time, but when I first got this it was a lot less watery and looked super rough on the surface. If you have sensitive skin this probably isn't for you, the formula is very abrasive and there is full on chunks of salt in this scrub to thoroughly remove any dead skin. I really enjoy this scrub though, I like highly abrasive scrubs that really feel like they are making a difference to my skin. Who doesn't want super soft legs anyway?
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Are there any other Lush products I should get my hands on? I'd love to hear your Lush favourites leave a comment down below letting me know.

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