L - R Toying Around, Red Balloon & Sweet Experience

The Playland collection by MAC was released in the UK last month (May 2014) and was quick to sell out. I didn't manage to get my hands on any of the collection when it was first released but then at the beginning of this week House of Fraser re-released the lipsticks from the collection giving people a second chance to get their hands on these limited edition products.
I only picked up three out of the six shades from the collection because 1. I am not made of money and 2. Not all of the lipsticks appealed to me, especially not the frosted yellow! Yikes.
Here are the three shades I did pick up, Sweet Experience, Toying Around and Red Balloon.

Playland Collection
Photo taken in natural daylight.
Sweet Experience
Normally this colour is not up my alley, at first glance it looks like a Barbie doll pink which is certainly not my style, however it is actually a light to medium pink shade with ever so slight yellow undertones, it has an amplified finish and is extremely opaque, one stroke gave me the swatch in the above photo. I think this would look beautiful layered with a nude gloss on top!

Red Balloon
MAC describe this lipstick as a hot fuchsia, again with an amplified finish and high pigmentation this darkened pink shade is not too light or too dark and wearable for all seasons.

Toying Around
This is my favourite out of the three, Toying Around is a medium coral shade with an amplified finish and I can't get enough of corals at the moment, so on trend and really complimentary to most skin tones.

These lipsticks are still in stock! They are all limited edition so if any take your fancy you should pick them up before they're gone.
Find them online at House of Fraser retailing at £15.
Updated 02/07/2014 - Sweet Experience and Toying Around are now sold out.

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