If like me you are obsessed with Beauty Vloggers on Youtube then you have probably seen these lip glosses before, pretty much every well known Beauty Guru uses these in their tutorials on a regular basis, so I jumped on the band wagon and ordered some to try out for myself.

L-R Rose Hill, Nude & Buttercream

At first glance the packaging is average, didn't really appeal to me very much, a little bit tacky for my liking, there is definitely cheaper drug store lip glosses with nicer packaging than these. However on the side of each tube of gloss there is a mirror which I think is super handy for when your on the go and you keep glosses in your hand bag, you don't need to bring any unnecessary mirrors along with you. Going for a night out? No problem because not only do they have a mirror on the side but when you twist out the applicator out from the tube there is two LED lights on the inside of the applicator to provide light for you to see what you are doing even in the darkest of situations! I know this company aren't the first to have an idea like this as Collection did something similar with their Hotlights Lipglosses but I still think it's very handy.

As far as pigmentation goes these glosses are just as pigmented as I heard they were, they are very opaque as you can see, one stroke gave me the swatches in the photo below. I chose the colours that I thought I would get the most wear out of, although I know that Gerard Cosmetics also offer some very bold and daring colours in their range, including an ocean blue and a black colour.

Application of the gloss was a breeze the doe foot applicator made it very easy and the gloss went on super smoothly.
Actually wearing these glosses on the lips I didn't find them very sticky, sure if you go out when it's windy and you have long hair then yes your hair is going to get stuck in the gloss, I think this goes without saying with most glosses but when they are actually sat on the lips they don't feel sticky or gunky.
My only issue with these glosses is their longevity, I found myself re-applying after just one hour of wearing them, I hadn't ate or drank in this time either, so that is a little annoying. I don't particularly mind re-applying make-up, just maybe not as frequent as every hour. If you layer these glosses over lipstick you may not find yourself re-applying as often, I managed to stretch to two hours over a MAC amplified lipstick before I had to re-apply.

With that all being said I pleasantly enjoyed these glosses, they are beautiful shades and look lovely on the lips, I just wish they stayed a little longer.
I would tell you how much you get in each tube but I can't find a quantity on the tube anywhere and the website doesn't even say which is strange.

These glosses retail at $24.00 each, however I purchased 'Jaclyn's Decadent Duo' which gave me four shades to choose from and you get two glosses for $39.00, I then purchased my third gloss alone.
More often than not this site ALWAYS has discount codes, you can find them on most Beauty Vloggers Youtube channels, I used the code 'London' for 20% off and free shipping.
Considering these glosses came from the US shipping was also really quick, I ordered them on the 1st of July and received them on the 8th of July.

Find these lip glosses online here.

Hope you enjoyed my review!

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