Recently I have just got back from the States (hence the lack of posts or atleast that's what i'm blaming) and while I was there I picked up three shades from the new Color Sensational Creamy Mattes range which has yet to be released in the UK, hopefully they will actually release these here because Maybelline brought out out the Color Whisper range in the US that I really wanted to try more of and that actually never ended up coming to the UK which was a huge disappointment. I will say that I feel like they take far too long to bring their merchandise over the pond, get it together Maybelline!

There was no logic when picking up the three shades I got, I didn't have any particular colours in mind if i'm honest I just picked up the ones that looked as though people hadn't tested them on themselves and then put them back on the shelf. Side note that is a pet peeve that's why we have testers people. The only shade I had heard of prior to buying these was 'Daringly Nude' I have seen someone on Youtube use it before and I remember it looking nice I just don't remember who I saw use it.. It could of been Amanda Ensing.

With that said the three shades I picked up were 'Lust For Blush', 'Daringly Nude' and 'Craving Coral' I really am kicking myself for not going back and picking up more of this range because now I think about it Maybelline might decide not to bring these to the UK and I should of got more shades while I had the opportunity.

The basic shape of the packaging itself is the same as most of the other lipsticks from Maybelline however the acutal casing is a plastic matte mauve colour with the chrome bottom and lipstick surrounding which is nice looking, nothing spectacular but it looks tidy and well put together.

The price point of these lipsticks is definitely a plus, compared to the normal retail of Maybelline lipsticks here in the UK which is around the £6.99 mark (please note this may vary from different retailers) I got these beauties for $5.89 which converted into pounds for UK readers that is around £3.92 depending on the exchange rate. With that said I think all of us UK residents can agree that this is undoubtably depressing, think of all the extra lipsticks we could buy if they were all that price! Nevertheless like I said, price point (US) is definitely a bonus.

When applying these lipsticks they all went on smoothly, I do have terribly dry lips at the moment from cold weather so my lips aren't too even and are a bit rough, for this post I decided not to do close up swatches of the lipsticks on my actual lips as they are in need of some serious hydration. Two layers gave me my desired opaqueness, I found one layer to be slightly lacking as I wanted optimal colour payoff, I don't find these to be one swipe and you get crazy pigmentation, a minimum of two layers is required in my opinion.

I got a good seven hours wear with one touch up after a meal during the day and considering these are matte lipsticks I didn't expect any colour transfer but I discovered when drinking from glasses that they did slightly. Considering I already had dry lips to begin with upon trying out these lipsticks (bad timing to try a matte range) they definitely didn't make my lips any dryer than they already were, compared to my Maybelline Color Drama Lipstick which makes my lips feel a tad dry during the course of the day.

As an added bonus when I removed the lipsticks with a make-up wipe they had not stained my lips.
In conclusion I would say I am a fan of this range, like I said I wish I had picked up more but fingers crossed they will come here, I have scoped around online and can't see any expected release dates for the UK.

If you are a US reader I found these lipsticks at Walmart

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