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by Kelly, February 22, 2015
For Christmas last year I had a few Origins products on my wish list that I wanted to try out, I was lucky enough to receive some of these as presents and have been trying them out since January.
I have four products from the Origins range that I want to share with you and let you know what I think.

Drink Up Intensive
So this is an over night mask said to "quench skin's thirst" I do not have dry skin, I have oily skin, however oily skin still needs hydration so I thought I would try this out. I didn't use this mask every night as I liked to alternate with another Origins product I will get too shortly, if i'm honest I didn't feel like this mask did anything for my skin, it's not your typical mask where you apply it and it sets to a dry finish, this is more of a combination between a lotion and a gel, a little goes a long way and i find that a small amount will cover my entire face but when I wake up the next morning my skin feels like there is a layer of grease on the top of it which isn't too pleasant to wake up to.
The mask contains a ton of different oils, plant and fruit extracts but the one scent that prevailed to me was apricot, which I liked and this product did not break me out in anyway.
I only have the 50ml as it came as part of a set which is now unfortunately out of stock.
You can find the full size here.

The GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer has been a popular product for a long while now and I am definitely with everyone else on this one, I love this stuff, my skin drinks it! I use this on alternate days and I haven't even made a dent, I do not need to use a lot of this on my skin, within 15 minutes of applying the surface of my skin feels dry again which I love, I can't stand the feel of something sat on my skin greasing it up and weighing it down so this is perfect! When I run out (in quite some time to come) I will definitely be repurchasing this orange zesty moisturizer again.
Find it here!

No Puffery
Morning bags? Not a problem, a quick application of this under the eyes in the morning gets me set for the day ahead. I apply the No Puffery Cooling Roll-On before I apply my make-up and I am normally in a rush most mornings so the fact that this gel like formula drys almost in an instant is great for me. There is no scent that I can pick up, leaving my eyes irratation free, the metal ball head makes for easy application and helps dramatically reduce my under eye bags.
Find it online here.

High-Potency Night-A-Mins
I was really disappointed with this "renewal cream" I applied it at night time and washed my skin the next morning, my skin looked and felt no different than before applying it, it also did the same thing as the Drink Up Intensive mask and gave me that horrible layer of grease on my skin when I woke up. In addition to this I couldn't bare the smell it reminded me of aromatherapy oils or as Origins like to call it "relaxing aromas" this is fine when your having a massage but not on the face. Maybe this works better for maturer skin and they may notice a difference, sadly it didn't work for me.

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