So this post was supposed to go up on Thursday however I had no internet for three days so it's going up today instead. Nevertheless i'm super excited about these new Marc Jacobs lipsticks I got this week and couldn't wait to swatch them. I picked up one of the New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel's in the shade 'Understudy' which you may have seen on my Beauty Wishlist (here) and I also got three of the  Le Marc Lip Crème's in the shades 'Infamous', 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' and 'Miss Scarlet'.

Miss Scarlet
Described as a dark ruby this shade is a dark vampy red and I actually have a photo on my Instagram of me wearing this lipstick.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Unfortunately this shade and 'Infamous' are incredibly similar which I was unaware of upon purchasing, described as a baked rose colour it is just a smidge darker than 'Infamous'.

Like I said incredibly similar to 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' but still a beautiful shade described as a soft peony colour, it definitely comes off a lot less soft on my lips and looks like it has more mauve in it as I have fairly pigmented lips.

The only lip gel I chose this shade just appealed to me for a while now, comes off very coral on me however it is described as a terracotta pink.

Find all of these lipsticks on the Sephora website here retailing at $30 each (around £20)

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