Last month I picked up a few bits from the MAC Cinderella Limited Edition collection, I actually got both lipsticks from the collection but I sold 'Free As A Butterfly' as I didn't like the look of the colour at all, wasn't too sure I would pull it off. However I kept 'Royal Ball' as it looked like a much more wearable shade that I could get plenty of use out of, i'm not one of those people that gets a MAC limited edition item and never uses it, I will use it till the death!

Firstly the packaging is to die for, nothing crazy over the top but very elegant much like Cinderella herself!
This lipstick has a lustre finish, i'll be the first to admit that when buying MAC lipsticks I almost never buy the lustre finish as they aren't as opaque as I would like my lipstick to be and their staying power isn't that great.
I did find colour payoff was minimal, when swatched it looked like quite a warm toned peach but once applied to the lips it definitely looked a lot more pink with teeny tiny shimmers running throughout, I liked the colour a lot more when wearing it and it's definitely buildable so you can get your desired opacity.
I managed three hours before re-application was required but my lips felt very nourished over this time and had not dried out at all.

All in all I wish the staying power was a bit better but with Cinderella in mind I feel that a lustre finish fits very well with this collection and once i've built it up a bit I do really like the colour.

As you may be aware this collection is well and truly sold out now but people are always selling them on eBay and Depop. If you don't already follow me on Depop as I am quite often selling my unwanted make-up (@kelmckib).

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