I love doing lip swatch posts, they are my favourite kind of post to create and today I have three new lip products to share with you.
L.A. Girl is not a brand I have ever tried before, I have heard about them but over here in the UK they aren't really that big. It wasn't until I saw the beautiful JadeyWadey180 on Instagram wearing one of these glosses that I knew I needed to try them!
I picked up three shades to try, the line has 16 shades in total, some of them are very daring and bold but I sticked to what I class as "safe" shades or at least that's what I thought, one of them isn't that safe at all but i'll get into that in a minute.

Firstly i'd like to mention that I am sorry that the lighting varies in these swatches, they are not edited in any way other than adding the text however I am working with natural lighting so sometimes this effects my photos and thus my skin looks a different shade in some photos compared with others. However I do feel that the actual colours on the lips are very true to how they appear in person, just thought I would put that out there as a little disclaimer incase any of you were wondering.

The packaging of these glosses is nice, pretty simple but having it clear so you can see the actual colour of your product is nice.
You get a total of 0.17oz of product in each tube which if your like me I only work in milliliters and it equates just shy of 5mls, in a gloss I feel this is adequate as I would personally struggle to use that much product at a quick rate.

This was the shade I saw on Instagram and immediately I knew I wanted to try it for myself, 100% impressed with this colour, I think I would describe this shade as a 'Warm Toned Nude' it definitely pulls some pink undertones ever so slightly on my lips but mostly warm brown that comes through.
Application was so easy, one layer gave me my desired opacity however if you want to build it up to make it a little darker you can do that also, it doesn't go patchy on the lips.

I will say this colour looked nothing like the photo's I saw online before buying it looked a lot more orange toned, but when I received it and tried it it's clearly more of a crimson pink kinda shade. Not that I was disappointed I still love this colour on the lips it's beautiful, especially for Spring/Summer. Again application was a dream and the pigmentation was fantastic I couldn't fault it.

Unfortunately this was the shade I was the most disappointed with, firstly the colour looks absolutely nothing like the picture I saw online prior to purchase (see that photo here) and it all went downhill from there really, barbie doll pinks are definitely not my kinda of shade, never pulled them off and never will quite frankly. Application was difficult, one layer was not enough to give me an opaque finish and once I started building up the colour to try and get an opaque finish it was all sticking in places and becoming quite patchy, i'm actually rather proud that I even managed to get a swatch of this colour because it was a bit of a nightmare. On top of that this particular shade definitely took the longest to dry, when I blotted my lips together to try and even out the colour it just felt like I had put pritt stick across my lips and they literally "peeled" apart due to the stickiness. Once the colour had dried it didn't look all that nice on the lips, maybe this is because I don't like these kinds of colours anyway but the finish didn't look that great and I am super disappointed in this colour. Again the photo I saw online was very misleading and I wouldn't advise anyone to pick up this shade.

Considering they class this range as a 'glosses' all three shades I own don't feel like a gloss at all, their actual formula is a lot more watery and not "gloopy" like most glosses I have tried, not so watery that they are runny just not thick enough to be a gloss in my eyes. I found none of them bled on the lips and they all stood the test of time lasting me the best part 8 hours, I had eaten and drank during this time and by the end of the day I just found that they had slightly faded towards the centre of my lips, I had not touched up at all. All of these glosses dry to a matte finish and have a handy dofus applicator.

From what I have tried I would definitely say that the L.A. Girl Matte Pigment Glosses are worth trying! Just stay clear of Iconic, I am super happy with the other two shades I got from this range.
Find online (here) and (here)

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