This post is going up later than scheduled as I dropped my DSLR camera and broke my lens, I decided to buy a new lens altogether and i'm currently trying out the 50mm f/1.8 (here) but I don't think it's the kind of lens i'm looking for specifically for product photography for my blog. The above photo was taken on my old lens and all the below photos are taken on my new one, let me know which you think is better or if I need to try a totally different lens altogether i'd love to know which one I should get.
With all that being said I picked up a fair few bits from the new Wash & Dry collection by MAC, I don't normally buy this much in one go but I had put aside some pennies to spend so I spoilt myself a little bit!

I'm not reviewing any of these items on the blog today as I haven't got round to trying them all, i'm just sharing what I picked up and including swatches.
Starting off with lipsticks, the Wash & Dry collection had a total of four shades, Créme D'Nude (cremesheen), Tumble Dry (lustre), Morange (amplified crème) and Steam Heat (satin). It's nice that they mixed up the finishes with the range not using all the same type of finish the way they did with the Cinderella collection. If you didn't get your hands on any of the lipsticks from this collection the good news is that Créme D'Nude and Morange are permanent shades, although you won't have the Wash & Dry packaging you will save yourself £2.

I've paired together the highlighter and the blush, purely because I didn't want to stretch this blog post out with a tone of pictures.

High-Light Powder - Freshen Up
I found this to be a very unusual product, firstly to look at it is rather strange the actual surface of it where it has all these indentations isn't typical of MAC highlighters. Then the colour isn't what I would class as a "normal highlighter" either, if you like a warm toned highlight then you just might like this, bare in mind I did layer this up on my swatch to show the maximum colour payoff and when all the shades are swirled together you get a nice peach shade with tiny little flecks of shimmer, not chunky at all. I have to be honest I bought this out of curiosity it looked extremely interesting and I am intrigued to try it out, if used with a light hand it may work nicely i'm just not sure on the peach colour working as a highlight.

Powder Blush - Hipness
Onto blush, I only actually own one other blush from MAC so I added a second to my collection. There was two shades available in the Wash & Dry collection but I decided on 'Hipness' as the other shade didn't look like my kinda colour. Pinks are always up my alley, this is quite a rosey pink, very pigmented it only took one swatch in the above photo, in the pan it glistens a little bit with tiny gold shimmers but once swatched none of these shimmers transfer which I quite like, I don't particularly like shimmer in my blush, or my bronzer for that matter. Leave the shimmer for the highlighters only.

Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow - Permanent Press
I'll be the first to admit, I have too many eyeshadows as it is, and if i'm honest I regret picking up this trio, all three shades are very similar to existing shades I already have in my collection by other brands. I will be sure to try and get my use out of this mini trio though as it is handy for throwing in my make-up bag and travelling with.
Top to bottom the shades are said to be a "white beige", "calm brown-bronze" and a "black with gold pearl". The top two shades definitely have more of a metallic finish whereas the bottom shade is a lot less shimmery.

To finish I think this is a great collection, packed full of new and existing products to suit everyones taste, as always M.A.C nailed it on the head with the packaging, it really is a lovely design and very spring appropriate.

If you missed out there is still some bits left in the collection on MACDebenhams and House Of Fraser. Of course all of these are subject to availability and while stocks last.

Did you pick up anything in the collection? Let me know.

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