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by Kelly, May 21, 2015
Today I have something a little different on my blog, a comparison between two very similar brushes on the market and my opinion on both.
I have had my Sigma F80 to apply my foundation for a long time now, I would have to say over two years, although I switch between brushes and my Beauty Blender I always come back to this brush. I saw the Nanshy brushes on Instagram at the end of 2014 and thought they looked incredibly similar to Sigma brushes and had an affordable price point. As I already had the F80 in my brush collection I bought the F01 for my Mum as a Christmas present because she was looking for a new foundation brush. The other day I was doing my brush cleaning and she asked me if I would clean her F01 for her while I was doing my own, it was only then it dawned on me that I should do a comparison post and test them out against each other and see who comes out on top.

Visually they both look incredibly similar, the Sigma brush just being a little bit shorter in length, in width the F01 is slightly wider and the ferrules that the bristles sit in on both brushes are the exact same length. They both have a flat top kabuki brush and are both made with synthetic bristles that are extremely soft on the skin. In addition to this, both brushes are also densely packed enabling easy foundation application.

As I mentioned I have had my F80 for over two years now, the F01 has only been in use for just over 5 months, so to compare them on durability is difficult. I will say both brushes are slowly losing bristles, nothing noticeable that effects application of my foundation but they are falling out here and there, this I would expect of a 2 year old brush but not a 5 month old one. The ferrule on my F80 that sits between my bristles and my handle is loose, although it does not pull apart I can twist my handle right round as the glue is no longer holding it in place, on my F01 everything is still intact and well held together.

The only way I use both brushes is for foundation application, I dot the foundation on my face with my finger first then use the brush to buff it out evenly, both brushes do the job perfectly, leaving no lines or patches on the skin.

To clean my brushes I always use my Blendercleanser, I can bring both brushes back to looking brand new after cleaning and the only bristles I lose during cleaning are the ones that were already loose.

Depending on your budget price point is always an important factor, from what I can see Nanshy are a brand exclusive to the UK currently and their F01 retails at £9.95 which I think is reasonable.
Sigma on the other hand are becoming a well known brand and are quickly expanding their merchandise to make them widely available, unfortunately when a brand starts to become more well known their product becomes more expensive. If you choose to buy direct from their website in the US they do offer UK shipping however you should factor in the cost of shipping.
F80 Chrome ferrule - $24 (about £15)
F80 Copper ferrule - $28 (about £18)
Every UK retailer I looked at were selling the F80 for £18.95 (for the basic Chrome ferrule) Amazon seemed like the best deal offering free UK delivery.

I found it really difficult to pair these brushes off against one another, they are both a lot alike and also cruelty free. In terms of appearance Sigma offer either a Chrome or a Copper ferruled F80 whereas Nanshy offer the black or white handled F01 although from what I can see they only currently have the white handled F01 in stock and the black handled one is only available in a set, whether it is available to buy on it's own I do not know.
I really don't think buying either of these brushes would be a mistake, if your on a budget then try out the Nanshy F01 I think you will be impressed, and if your willing to spend a little more then the Sigma F80 is also worth a try.

Find the Sigma F80 (here) and (here)
Find the Nanshy F01 (here)

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