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by Kelly, August 01, 2015

For July I have rounded up some of my current favourite beauty products to share with you all, I don't  do monthly favourites religiously only when I find products that are really worth taking about.

Bleach Silver Shampoo
As it stands I currently have very dark roots and blonde ends but my blonde just never seems to shake off that brassiness, I have tried the Provoke Touch Of Silver Shampoo and that didn't seem to lift away any of the brassiness I am trying to shift even when I left it on for great lengths of time. I was reading reviews on the Bleach London Silver Shampoo and everybody had great things to say about it and how it worked wonders so I ordered some for myself. I feel like every time I use this shampoo I notice a change in my hair colour, I am step by step getting closer to banishing my brassiness for good and this shampoo is my saviour. The directions do not state that you should leave this in your hair for any length of time but i'm impatient and I have been known to leave this in for 45 minutes on one occasion and my hair managed not to go purple. I don't use this product everyday but mostly when I have the time to leave it on otherwise I think it's a bit pointless to just use like any other shampoo. If you have brassy hair and you have the time in your day to leave this shampoo on for a little while I strongly recommend it, it's gearing my hair up nicely for a fast approaching colour change coming soon.
Find it here at Boots.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
It's the concealer with the worlds longest name but worth typing over and over because it's so damn good, for me the formula is just where I want it to be it's not too watery that it doesn't provide enough coverage and it's not too thick that it looks cakey and creases. It's the perfect consistency of being a lightweight concealer as the name 'Weightless' would suggest but definitely giving me the under eye coverage I need. The down side is the colour selection, it's not the best and the names of each colour are very confusing if you are ordering online, if you have a nearby counter I would definitely suggest going there to try it out first to determine your shade, unfortunately I have no counters near where I live, as with most high end make-up brands but I made a guess and chose 'Light Warm' which I think is a good fit. I am fairly pale at the moment but I do like my under eyes to be a tad brighter than my foundation and this shade does just that.
Find here at Debenhams.

Rimmel London Professional Eye Brow Pencil
As much as I love by ABH Dipbrow Pomade lately I have been going for a more natural brow look and you just can't get a natural brow with the Dipbrow, or at least I can't. So I just like to use my Rimmel Eye Brow Pencil to give my brows a little more shape at the front of the brow so they are more squared off and a tiny bit on the tail and fill in any other sparse areas, mine is in the shade Dark Brown. I literally use the lightest hand when applying to achieve the most natural look possible and i'm really loving the results. I'm also saving a lot of time doing it this way. This pencil does come with brush on the lid (not shown in the picture) but I personally do not use it, I find it too hard I just revert back to my ABH Brow Wiz spoolie if I need to use it.
This pencil is also super affordable find it here.

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer
A product I have previously mentioned on my blog but I don't think I have ever featured it in a favourites post before, if I have then sorry.. But it's only this month I have been grabbing for this moisturiser again since my skin has been freaking out. I'm oily, i've been oily for a couple of years now but suddenly my face is developing these dry patches particularly below my cheeks, obviously the warmer months could be a factor but dry skin isn't normally something I have to deal with. I like to put this moisturiser on before bed time and sleep with it on. In the morning I wake up and wash my skin and it just feels rejuvenated, the dry patches don't disappear but they do improve, I think I need to be more consistent with a moisturising regime to really see a difference.

What beauty products have you been loving this month?

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