Today i'm back with another review on the new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick in the shade Honeycomb. I purchased this a little while back now on Sephora and have been looking forward to adding my thoughts to my blog as well as swatches.

Starting with the sleek matte packaging, I love Bite Beauty's packaging it's so simple yet sophisticated with the added detail of the curved top on the lid and the small gloss logo on the bottom. Just a regular click close lid, not magnetic like the Marc Jacobs or Nars lipsticks I own. Described as a 'Beige Nude' which is very accurate, also has a satin finish so don't expect that dry feeling you get from most matte lipsticks, this formula is intensely hydrating and it smells delicious, reminds me of sherbet but Bite say its citrus with fresh pressed fruit.
Pigmentation is amazing, one stroke gave me the swatch on my arm and as you can tell it has a beautiful shine from it's satin finish.
I can wear this lipstick with no liner and it doesn't seem to bleed on me which is great because I have a limited supply of liners and sometimes can't always find the right shade to match. Wear time you need to be realistic, when it comes to satin lipsticks, if you eat it's probably going to fade to an extent, it's not smudge proof or transfer proof, with that being said untouched I can get four hours wear time before reapplication is required. If I have remaining lipstick left on the outer portion of my lips and reapply where it has worn off it doesn't go patchy, all just blends together again like I am applying for the first time.

Needless to say I want more of these lipsticks already, they have a huge colour selection on the Sephora website and at $26 each they are cheaper than the Marc Jacobs lipsticks I own and definitely on the same level.

Find them here
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