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April Favourites 2015 | KMC Beauty

Feeling super organised having this post up before the end of April! I don't do a Favourites post every month, only when I have products I really feel are worth mentioning and this month I have a solid four items that I have been loving.

ColourPop Lippie Stix 'Rocket'
If you read my post (here) then you will know I received a ColourPop order at the beginning of this month and hands down this has been my favourite shade out of all six shades I received. Check out that post for a full in depth review and swatches.

Sigma E65 Small Angle Brush
I think I can say i've had this brush almost two years now and I have never ever strayed away from it, it has been my holy grail eyebrow brush so much so that the writing is actually starting to rub off the handle. Still now the brush hairs are just as they were when I first bought it, I have never had any fallout, it's just my all-time perfect eyebrow brush and I can't ever imagine myself using anything else! I use in conjunction with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade.

Maybelline Lash Sensational
Yet another product I already did a full in-depth review on (here) but this stuff does amazing things for my lashes, I won't say it gives the false eyelash effect because it doesn't provide a whole lot of thickness but it's lengthening power is phenomenal i've never used a mascara that has made my lashes appear so long before. For a product I just happened to pick up on a whim because I was nearly out of my old mascara I am so happy I bought it.

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer
The sun has started shining in the UK and it's definitely the time of the year when I like to have my glow on, to me nothing comes close to this highlighter, it's pigmentation is on another level and it provides a whole lot of glow without looking like chunky glitters on the face. I will say that I am interested in trying Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in the shade 'Opal' but dang that stuff is so expensive and the Mary Lou Manizer is over £10 cheaper I just don't know if I can do it!

What have been your favourites this month? And what should I be trying that may become a new favourite of mine? Let me know!


MAC Cinderella 'Royal Ball' Lipstick - Review & Swatches | KMC Beauty

Last month I picked up a few bits from the MAC Cinderella Limited Edition collection, I actually got both lipsticks from the collection but I sold 'Free As A Butterfly' as I didn't like the look of the colour at all, wasn't too sure I would pull it off. However I kept 'Royal Ball' as it looked like a much more wearable shade that I could get plenty of use out of, i'm not one of those people that gets a MAC limited edition item and never uses it, I will use it till the death!

Firstly the packaging is to die for, nothing crazy over the top but very elegant much like Cinderella herself!
This lipstick has a lustre finish, i'll be the first to admit that when buying MAC lipsticks I almost never buy the lustre finish as they aren't as opaque as I would like my lipstick to be and their staying power isn't that great.
I did find colour payoff was minimal, when swatched it looked like quite a warm toned peach but once applied to the lips it definitely looked a lot more pink with teeny tiny shimmers running throughout, I liked the colour a lot more when wearing it and it's definitely buildable so you can get your desired opacity.
I managed three hours before re-application was required but my lips felt very nourished over this time and had not dried out at all.

All in all I wish the staying power was a bit better but with Cinderella in mind I feel that a lustre finish fits very well with this collection and once i've built it up a bit I do really like the colour.

As you may be aware this collection is well and truly sold out now but people are always selling them on eBay and Depop. If you don't already follow me on Depop as I am quite often selling my unwanted make-up (@kelmckib).


My Current Favourite Cleanser | KMC Beauty

For a long while now I have been using the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel and it has been a staple in my nightly skincare routine but recently I tried out the Purity 3-in-1 cleanser by Philosophy and I am loving it!
When I use cleansers I like to use them to remove all my make-up except my mascara, I dampen my face first and then go in with the cleanser to break down all the make-up on my face, this stuff does just what it says on the bottle, it literally "melts" away the make-up from your face. Philosophy claim you can also use this to remove eye make-up but I have never tried doing this, it's not something I find necessary.
Formulated for all skin types and claims to "deep clean" pores however this isn't something I have noticed but then I don't have massively noticeable pores anyways.
I will say this stuff is on the pricey side for doing a job my Simple Face Wash did to begin with but a little goes a long way and I am really enjoying using it.

I have the 240ml but if your not willing to commit you can get a 90ml bottle here at Boots for £8.00.


ColourPop Lippie Stix - Swatches | KMC Beauty

I was so excited to receive my ColourPop order in the mail at the end of March, to be honest it's taken me over a week to actually get to play with any of my order because I just haven't had the time! I finally was able to swatch all six of the Lippie Stix I got and post them on my blog.

So when I was choosing the shades I wanted on the website it was all a bit of a guessing game and I just went by the colours on the ColourPop page and I can't believe I didn't get any nudes! I normally always get atleast one nude shade as a sort of "safe colour" but my order didn't consist of any this time round, five out of the six shades are definitely spring appropriate we will have to exclude Bichette as I feel it is definitely more of an Autumn/Winter shade.

Tipsy (Glossy)
Described as a light neon yellow peach Tipsy is definitely a peach shade but passes off as more orange toned on my lips.

Fancy (Satin)
A neutral mid tone coral, ColourPop definitely hit the nail on the head with that colour description, not quite bright enough to be a neon and definitely a whole lot of coral.

Lumière (Matte)
A dusty mauve pink. Meh I mean I don't know how much pink this pulls on my lips, I get more brown? The mauve definitely comes through I was expecting this shade to be a tad lighter but I love it nonetheless! This colour was also created by Kathleen Lights and if you aren't subscribed to her on Youtube you definitely should be she is one of the most down to earth Youtubers I have watched in a long time and her eyebrows are on POINT!

Rocket (Satin)
If your looking for that pop of colour then Rocket is the one, described as a soft bright pinky coral this shade will take you right through Spring and Summer.

Fetch (Satin)
A mid-tone warm true pink, this is your Barbie doll shade, you have to have at least one colour like this in your collection!

Bitchette (Matte)
Like I said this shade is definitely more of a Autumn/Winter shade, if i'm honest I just had to get it because of it's name. Described as a deep red wine colour, I thought this would be a lot browner when I saw it online but it's actually more of a true red when on the lips.

Although ColourPop do not yet ship to the UK it says on their website that this is something they are looking towards, if you want to know how I received my ColourPop order in the UK then read my previous post here.

Visit the ColourPop website - here


How I Receive Orders From the US | KMC Beauty

Theres nothing I hate more than reading someones blog or watching a youtube video where that person is massively hyping up a product for you then to discover it's a US only product and that company does not ship to your country, I used some of the above companies as examples that do not ship to the UK although I am fully aware Sephora do offer UK shipping however some products on their site are not eligible e.g. New Benefit and Nars releases amongst many others. For a while I thought that was just how it goes and theres nothing I can do about it, until I heard about a company called Shipitto.

How does it work?
Shipitto are effectively the "middle man" in your purchase, you tell them what you want, they order it for you, it is sent to their warehouse where they then forward it to a shipping address of your choice.

How do I do it?
Last year I created my account with shipitto so I could order some things I wanted from Ulta, if you didn't read that post find it (here) I purchased a few things including the Lorac Pro Palette 2 which is a brand amongst others we are unable to get in the UK.
Firstly you must deposit the amount (in dollars) that you will need in your account to cover the costs of your order then within the shipitto website you create what they call an "assisted purchase" where you choose the website you are wanting to purchase from, most recently I bought some things from ColourPop, then you list out the items you want. You are limited to 10 items per assisted purchase. Along with listing the items you must attach the appropriate link to each item directing shipitto to the correct product and you must list the price of each item. Lastly you tell shipitto how much the website e.g. ColourPop charges for shipping to them, in my case they offered free shipping over a certain amount so it was nothing.
Once your assisted purchase is submitted you don't do anything more until Shipitto receive your parcel at their warehouse, at which time you will receive an email informing you that they have it and it is ready to be forwarded on to you, in order to do this you must log back into your account and choose how you would like your parcel to be sent to you.

How much does shipping cost?
There are many factors to be considered when choosing how you would like your parcel to be sent to you. Shipitto have the dimensions and weight of your parcel so they can calculate the cost with each potential sender all you need to do is choose which company you want to carry your parcel, if you want cover for loss and damage the price rises up and if you want it in say under a week the price goes up further. I however choose the most reasonable option to me which is Airmail Economy, I am not covered for loss and damage however I am covered for delivery arrival and although this option states your parcel can take over a month to arrive my most recent parcel took 11 days and the total cost of shipping was $11.62 (about £7) which I think is great. Included in that price is the $1 fee Shipitto take to send your parcel to you which is definitely reasonable.

Will I be hit with a customs charge?
When I received my first Shipitto order I made a stupid error on my declaration form which you must fill out before shipitto send you your parcel and I entered the wrong information about my parcel (unknowingly) so when my parcel arrived in the UK I was hit with a £15 handling and customs fee which is never good. This time around I filled out my declaration form correctly (I think) and had it delivered straight to home with no problems. You must state the item description e.g. make-up, the quantity and the total value of your parcel.

I hope this post was found helpful to some people! I know I wish I had read something like this before jumping in and ordering my first parcel as I may have avoided the nasty charge but you live and learn.

Visit Shipitto.