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by Kelly, May 30, 2015
During May I have been trying to put myself on a no spend, for the most part I have succeeded, definitely in terms of make-up i've done pretty well, so for the month of June I have created a wishlist of my top 5 items I am dying to get my hands on.

1. Urban Decay Afterglow Blush - Fetish
Urban Decay have released a new line of blushers this Spring and I really want to try them! In particular the shade 'Fetish' looks up my alley, described as a 'medium pink nude' i'm just in the market for a blush to give me a light wash of colour on my cheeks for Summer. The range has 12 shades in total.

2. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer
Sticking with the theme of Urban Decay can you say longest name for a concealer ever? Although it has a ridiculously long name this concealer is being massively hyped up in the beauty community and I am actually running out of my Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (known in the US as the Age Rewind concealer) and although it is a good concealer it doesn't really have that wow factor for me so i'm thinking of trying the Urban Decay one out for a change, the only thing stopping me is that I have no idea which shade to get, after watching people use it on YouTube I think I am best suited to the shade 'Light Warm'.
If anybody has this concealer and has fair skin but uses it as a brightening concealer I would love to known which shade you found suited you best.
Find it here.

3. Charlotte Tilbury - The Supermodel Videobox Make-up Set
Okay so this product is just a fantasy purchase if i'm honest, I have absolutely no intention of purchasing this for myself but it's on my wishlist anyways as I would love to have this make-up set! I don't actually own anything from Charlotte Tilbury and i've never tried any of her products but this set caught my eye on Selfridges website, containing a total of 7 of her products
This item is exclusive to Selfridges, find it here.

4. MAC Paint Pot - Soft Ochre
In desperate need of an eyeshadow base, struggling with my eyeshadow to get an even blend, I think an eyeshadow base such as this cult favourite may solve my problem.
Find online here

5. Make Up For Ever - Step 1 Skin Equalizer
As memory serves me and primers don't have a great history, tried the Porefessional by Benefit, just made my skin feel slippy and the Maybelline Baby Skin didn't help my oily skin situation what so ever. So Debenhams have recently started selling Make Up For Ever in the UK, however out of all the primers typically the one I want they don't have it yet. So I tootled along to Sephora, they have the mattifying primer that I wanted to try, add to basket, get to checkout and it says 'This item can not be shipped to your location' annoying. Although I regularly use Shipitto (I did an entire blog post on this company here) it's not really worth using for just one item. So basically not sure how I am going to get my hands on this primer but I really do want to try it so bad!
If your in the states then enjoy this link I have kindly provided for you here.
And if your in the UK and you don't have oily skin you can basically choose from every other single primer in the range except from the mattifying one here.
Update 04/06/2015 - Debenhams now have the mattifying primer! find it here!

What's on your Wish List for June?

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