Five weeks since my last blog post? Unacceptable I know! If you have read my bio page you will know sometimes life gets in the way of me putting up a new blog post every week, and this time it majorly did. Between buying our first home to having my tonsils out with some complications afterwards the past few weeks have been a bit hectic.
Trying to make up for lost time I wanted to get up a blog post about some new Maybelline releases I was so excited to receive from the states (click here to find out how I get US orders) starting with the Color Blur Lip Pencils.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to pick up the entire colour selection they had to offer, I think they have 10 shades in total but I grabbed myself 4 to try out.

Interestingly these pencils come with little smudgers (is that a word?) on the end of them, kind of like erasers/rubbers or atleast thats what they feel like, but i really do not want to use them! I have this thing about stuff like that I like things to stay clean so I really can't bring myself to use the rubber. Obviously the name is "Color Blur" meaning you can blur our the colour on your lips if you like but personally I just prefer a more opaque finish, if I wanted a semi opaque finish I would buy a less pigmented lipstick you know? Or blot with a tissue. Maybe that's just me.
Each shade I got is very pigmented, multiple layers are definitely not necessary when applying and I know that I didn't do any swatch pictures on the lips this time round but I honestly haven't been in the frame of mind to put any make-up on as of recent, but this is not a permanent thing, I will continue to do lip swatches in the future.
I hope they bring these lip pencils to the UK soon, I think they would definitely take off.

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