If you follow my blog you may or may not have read my previous post (here) on how I receive orders in the UK from US companies that do not offer UK shipping.
This post is aimed specifically towards ColourPop and how I use the forwarding company Shipitto to get my orders to me.
In my previous post I mentioned how I used the "Assisted Purchases" tool where Shipitto place your order and forward your parcel to you. This time I used my "Virtual Mailbox" for the first time. Although Shipitto obviously still do the forwarding of your parcel, I have to place the order with ColourPop myself through the ColourPop website and have it sent to the Shipitto warehouse.

Within my Shipitto account I have a "Virtual Address" where my ColourPop orders are to be sent and when they receive the parcel they then email you informing you that they have it, at which point you must log back in to your account and complete your order by arranging delivery and filling out your declaration form.
Below is a snapshot of how the Virtual Address looks within my Shipitto account, for obvious reasons I blurred out some of my personal information.

Cost of shipping:
As Shipitto have the weight and dimensions of your parcel when it arrives at their warehouse they calculate the cost of shipping with each potential sender, below is a screenshot of how my delivery costs looked with my latest ColourPop order. For reference I had five liquid lipsticks and one gel eyeliner, nothing that would be of a significant weight.

There is more delivery options further down the list however the prices start to get a little silly ($100+) so I don't think they are worth sharing. As always I chose Airmail Economy, obviously its the cheapest option and although it states that it can take between 20-45 days for my parcel to reach me from past experience I found it took less than two weeks. For the sake of $3.90 I did choose to add on insurance. Once you have chosen your delivery method you must deposit the necessary amount into your account.

Below is another screenshot of how my package status appears on my account when everything is complete and ready to be shipped to me. It tells me the total cost of shipping, breaking down all the individual costs including the $1 Shipitto fee for using their service. Notice that in this instance my Customs Value is $30.00, this is how much my ColourPop order came to before shipping. It is important that this is correctly stated on your declaration form to avoid the nasty customs charge when it arrives in the UK. You must also state the contents of your parcel e.g. Make-up, the quantity of items in your parcel and whether it is a gift or merchandise.

And that's it, Shipitto notify you when they have despatched your parcel via email, it's pretty straight forward and I think it's very affordable. If you think my order was a total of $40.21, including shipping (my ColourPop shipping was free) which is around £26.06 (depending on the exchange rate). You can buy one lipstick for more than that in the UK so for six pieces of make-up it's definitely budget friendly.

Hoped this post helped some of you!
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