With over 3300 views my ColourPop Lippie Stix post is still the top read post on my blog, so when I planned on doing a post on the newer Ultra Matte Lips I knew I had to live up to the standard of the previous post and that includes lip swatches. I know for some bloggers lip swatches are the norm and they do them all the time but I tend to work with natural light so finding the right day to take photos and get the lip colours to look as true to life as possible is difficult. I received my Ultra Matte Lips back in November of last year so this post has definitely been a long time coming! I picked up the shades Bad Habit, Chilly Chili, More Better, Avenue and LAX.

So I wanted to call this a 'Mini Review' because I haven't tried all five shades to their full extent however I have tried some of them. 
The first shade I ever wore was 'Avenue' I wore it for my Christmas works meal and it was hands down the worst mistake I could of made, it wore off before I even sat down to start my meal so I had only been wearing it about an hour, but it sort of flaked off instead of actually fading off which would of been a lot less noticeable. My lips just look blatantly patchy and if you try to fix the patchiness by adding more lipstick you can see the different layers on your lips from where the old lipstick was and the new lipstick is, from this experience I would not recommend 'Avenue'.
My absolute favourite shade out of the five that I picked up is 'Chilly Chili' I never thought I would see myself liking a brown colour so much but it's really flattering, I am pale to begin with but this doesn't wash me out or make me look ill and I don't know if it's because it is from ColourPop's newer range of Ultra Matte Lips but the formula is miles better than Avenue.

When swatching all five shades dry to a completely matte finish and don't feel uncomfortable on the lips. You can probably tell from my swatch of 'LAX' that I had a little bit of trouble with that shade, I couldn't seem to prevent it from becoming patchy on the lips even though I completely removed it and re-applied. Also it almost looks like I have a liner around the outer edges that is more pink than the 'LAX' shade, it is not liner, this is how it bled on my lips. I did not use liner with any of the five shades I swatched however I would recommend to use a liner if you use these Ultra Matte Lip's.

All in all I am happy with 3/5 of the shades I got. I wish I had never purchased 'Avenue' and 'LAX' and tried some other shades instead, maybe some lighter shades but as I bought these in Winter I was feeling the more dark vampy colours at the time. Another tip I learnt before applying any of these Matte Lips was to exfoliate your lips, I did this by using my Bubblegum Lip Scrub by Lush.

If your wondering how I got my ColourPop order in the UK I do have an entire blogpost on it here. I do use a shipping company called Shipitto however as of 2016 their fees for using their service have changed so please be aware of this before placing an order through them. The Ultra Matte Lips are widely available on eBay and Amazon but they are more expensive.

View the ColourPop range here.

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