Hey Readers? If I still have any!

by Kelly, May 01, 2023

Hi there

It’s only been 6 years since my last post and I am now officially in my 30’s so I thought I would write a post just for fun on my current beauty must have for skin that ain’t so baby soft anymore.

I’ve tried so many foundations, full coverage, medium and to be honest I ultimately hate the way they all sit on my skin, settle into fine lines (I have yet to find a powder to help with this). Until it hit me, why don’t I just try a skin tint? I don’t need the coverage I just need my skin tone evening out!

And wallah, I found the Felty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint **chefs kiss** I love this stuff so much!! It’s only a 32ml bottle but a little goes a long way and you can also mix in with your foundation if you wish for a little added coverage or perhaps you want to deepen your foundation shade slightly. I apply with my Coco Cosmetics sponge which is also a must have, if you haven’t tried it then you need too, effortless application! Concealer under the eyes to follow, powder and bronzer.. all of which sits on the skin tint like a dream.

Hope you enjoyed this little share, I’m not one to gate keep and this stuff is definitely worth trying if you want to even out your complexion like me.

My first ever purchase from Charlotte Tilbury! With Summer approaching I was in desperate need of a new foundation after ditching my Urban Decay All Nighter which everyone seemed to rave about but it just looked cakey on me, it clung in all the creasing areas, like round my eyes, nose and on my forehead. With that being said I decided this time I was done with full coverage foundations, my skin doesn't need all that product, I have some redness on my cheeks and that's about it, if anything I just need to even out my skin tone a little so I purchased the Light Wonder Youth Boosting Perfect Skin Foundation. I'm a little skeptical because oily skin girls know, anything with 'Luminous' on the bottle we tend to avoid! This is the finish this foundation claims to give. However i'm hoping if I set with powder I can get away with wearing this on a daily basis.

Happy 2017! .. Better late than never 8) Back with a review on the Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, that's a mouth full..

I am the biggest advocate for drug store concealers, but recently I can never find a concealer from the drug store that both conceals and brightens my under eye. I was using the Maybelline Age Rewind for a long while and although it concealed well it never gave me the brightened under eye that I prefer, it just kind of blended with my foundation and made my face look all one tone with no dimension. As I was running out and in the market for a new concealer I grabbed the Sephora Collection Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer from the Sephora website last week. If you watch Lustrelux on Youtube she raves about this concealer so I thought I would give it a try.
It's been a minute, main reason being that I sold my Canon camera and was waiting for my Sony to come in but it was on back order so now I have a camera I can post reviews again yey!

Caved in and got some of the Jouer Lip Creme's and the Lip Topper in Skinny Dip because everyone is raving over them. This isn't an in depth review mainly swatches with some of my first impressions added in.

Kylie Cosmetics Metals L-R Heir, King K & Reign

So it happened, I was suckered into buying from the Kylie Cosmetics site, I always told myself that I didn't need any of her liquid lipsticks and I never had the desire to buy any until the metals came out, I thought they were so unique and different from anything else in my collection that I had to try them.
I follow Kylie on snapchat and whenever she told people her site was re-stocked I always seemed to miss out but I eventually managed to see her snapchat in time before everyone flocked to the site to buy dozens of her lipsticks to sell for triple the price. I got all three metal shades in the range, Heir, Reign and King K.